Hi, I'm Laura.

I'm a lawyer and an accredited mediator. 

My practice is focused on providing unbundled and flat fee services to provide clients with certainty over price. I specialize in drafting agreements and mediation.
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Online Mediation

Online Mediation

Includes 4 hours of pre-mediation intake/individual meetings and 6 hours of mediation.

Package 1: Full Mediation – Special Promotion Price

+ tax

Hourly rate of $200.00 per hour to provide mediation services on discrete issues. i.e. child support or spousal support or property.

Package 2: Discrete Issue Mediation – Special Promotion Price

+ tax

If after the mediation you would like a legally binding agreement drafted. Includes one set of revisions per spouse.

Package 3: Drafting Agreement from Mediation

+ tax

This package is designed for you if you plan to attend mediation without a lawyer. It will help you prepare for the mediation and help you develop a clear picture of your legal rights and obligations so that you can make informed decisions at the mediation, with the goal of reaching an outcome that fits your family’s needs.

The Mediation Coaching Package includes:

  1. In-Person Consultation – this is a 1-2 hour meeting with me to prepare you for mediation. During this meeting I will:
    • Provide an overview of your legal rights and obligations,
      Discuss strategies for how best to achieve desired outcomes,
    • Review financial information to ensure a clear understanding of the financial picture,
    • Provide you with written materials to support you before and during mediation, including:
      • Handouts on making proposals during mediation,
      • A written overview of the law, and
      • Handout outlining issues and topics to consider as part of your mediation.
  2. Opportunity for follow-up questions (one 30 minute follow-up phone call).

Package 4: Mediation Coaching

+ tax

This is a 1-2 hour in-person meeting with me after your mediation. During this meeting I will:

  • Review the agreement reached at mediation to ensure it is binding and covers the required legal matters,
  • Provide concrete feedback and suggestions for changes to the agreement (if necessary), and
  • Witness your signature on the agreement if it meets your needs as drafted.

Any additional services including assisting with additional reviews of the mediated agreement, or negotiation will be provided at my regular hourly rate of $350.00.

Package 5: Independent Legal Advice

+ tax